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Tim Horton Children’s Foundation (Tim Horton Camps)

Tim Horton Children’s Foundation (Tim Horton Camps)

The Foundation’s executive team and board of directors engaged me to support a fundamental shift in business strategy. After decades of offering one-time camp visits to youth from low-income families, THCF was ready to shift to a multi-year program model that coordinates camp, school and community experiences.

This was a big step for the organization and a giant leap in commitment to the youth they serve.

I worked closely with the Foundation’s executive director, the senior team and Foundation Board members to develop a transformational strategic plan. I also provided change management support as they developed and rolled out an implementation plan. The plan required the active engagement of Tim Horton’s franchisee owners as well as community partners. The plan required the development of evidenced-based skill and leadership levels for youth, new levels of competency for staff, and renewed management policies and procedures to manage increasing levels of operational complexity.

Once commitment to the strategy was confirmed, the team agreed to move very quickly. As an exciting development, the team built impact measures into the new youth programming model, to allow for ongoing evaluation and learning over time. With time, their approach has the potential to become a model for innovative youth development in Canada and beyond.

The canoe image adjacent was developed to conceptualize the change journey and the key elements of the strategy. It served as a critical communication tool. And... the journey continues!

5-Year Strategic Plan 2017-2021