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MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions

MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions

This large research centre at St. Michael’s Hospital works with community partners to develop and test on-the-ground solutions for complex urban health issues - many at the intersection of health and inequality.

I joined the centre to support what would be a seismic shift in its funding model and strategic plan.

I led a business planning process that aligned a set of diverse research programs with a common vision for impact. The new plan is a roadmap to grow the centre and support scale-up of the most promising solutions to impact policy change at local, provincial and national levels. Alongside centre leadership, I continue to support and track the plan’s implementation.

Since the centre was founded, the landscape had changed; it urgently needed a new funding model. I worked with MAP and an external agency to develop and launch a new brand and marketing campaign to build awareness for the issues and to attract investments from government and private donors. The centre has now successfully transitioned to a more sustainable mix of research and centre operational funding.