Our Approach and History

Our name JDBrownfields, connotes the moment at the end of winter for the rise of hope, untapped potential and opportunity. Our mission is to help our clients envision what is possible and then identify strategies to align people with goals and make results-focused change a sustainable reality.

For Janet, brownfields has a deep connection to a family homesteading property up north and to a teacher Mr. Brownfield in a small rural school who encouraged her father to pursue his dream to become a physician. It was from this that we decided to use the name brownfields to symbolize the effort that leaders and their organizations face to continually grow and develop and their ongoing need for counsel and support.

For David, the idea of homesteading is an apt metaphor for business and the often harsh environment that must be considered. Leaders need to manage their realities while also looking for opportunities to make positive and sometimes surprising things happen with the resources they have at hand.

For both of us, JDBrownfields is about fostering the courage in leaders to move things forward, expand their vision and make positive change for the organization, team and people.

To do this we employ an Integrated Strategic Change model - refined through our deep and long experience - that integrates business strategy (head), organizational design (hands), and change management (heart). While many practice from one discipline or the other we firmly believe in the synergistic potential of all working together.

To do this requires a team. To do this requires accepting diversity of thought and approach. To do this requires leadership and sustained commitment. To support these efforts as consultants requires our sustained engagement and commitment. Our clients have been long standing and we are very proud to be a part of their journey.